Work opportunities in France – the flourishing job market of Europe

Work opportunities in France – the flourishing job market of Europe

With the recent changes in work fields in France, the large majority of the employees are now based in the services sector. However, this seems to be a trend that emerged in all civilised countries of the world. However, from the employment point of view, France has plenty to offer, unlike other states of the world. The main industry sectors are separated as it follows: 2% in agriculture, 18% in industry and 80% in the services sector. However, if you want to find out more about vacant jobs in France, you could ask for actualiser situation 93 and find out more about the workforce in France. However, let’s find out more about the main industries and characteristics of the job market in this friendly country.

The workforce in France

Accordingly to the last statistics, one in ten workers in France is coming from the European space, working here as an immigrant. The rate of unemployment fluctuates between 9 and 11 %. The spread of the workforce is uneven, given the fact that approximately 80% of the employees are currently working in the services sector, 18% in industries and only 2% in agriculture. As you can see, the work fields in France are diverse, yet many jobs are preponderantly found in services sector.

Where to find a job?

As in many other states, searching for a job is never easy, and oftentimes it is highly frustrating and difficult. However, in France, those interested in finding a great job always have several employment channels. For instance, newspaper, the Internet and job agencies are the go-to option of those searching for a job. However, many recommend using relations and your network of contacts, since it is oftentimes significantly easier this way. However, some official bodies are there to help those searching for a job, as it follows:

  • Pôle employ – is the national employment agency. It has numerous offices spread across the country, making it easier for those particular individuals that are searching for a job. The great fact about these offices is that they also list manual and unqualified labour jobs.
  • fr – Is the most popular online employment agency in France, where people can search and find various jobs. Simply search by keywords and position types.

Which diplomas are recognised in France?

In some cases, the recognition of your qualifications in mandatory through diplomas. However, there are available jobs that do not require such recognitions.  If a profession is not regulated, you can find at the regional employment offices tips on how could you obtain an equivalent of your diplomas. The regulated professions are those covered by a sectorial directive, such as: nurses, veterinarians, midwives, surgeons, dentists and so on. The regulation states that all employees that acquired their diplomas in one of the Member States can freely work in France without acquiring an equivalent of their diplomas.

These are some of the most useful information on the French job market.