What you can do out of a shipping container

What you can do out of a shipping container

If you have a large yard and you are thinking about adding an annex to your home, a shipping container could be just what you were looking for. Even though at first this may not exactly seem like the best possible idea, the financial advantages should not be overlooked, because a converted shipping container can cost up to 3 times less than building a conventional annex of the same type. Buy what exactly can you do out of a shipping container? Companies such as http://www.shippingcontainerconversions.com.au/ can create virtually anything from a container of the right size. To this extent, these are the most common choices:

Guest bedroom

Who doesn’t need an extra bedroom when the in-laws come to visit or when you are having some friends over who would like to spend the night? This could be the perfect option because they could have a different entrance and the container can actually be equipped with plumbing to have a bathroom. This way your guests will feel comfortable during their stay and you will not have to worry about being able to accommodate them perfectly.

Summer kitchen

If you would prefer to avoid having your entire home smell like food every time you are cooking something, why not transform a shipping container into a summer kitchen? You will have plenty of space to cook all your favourite recipes, without having any unwanted odours come into the main house.

A playroom

Whether you have children and you are tired of tripping in their toys all over the house or your husband wants to have a place where he can play poker with his buddies without having your entire room smell like cigarettes, a shipping container will make a great playroom. They will have enough space to store all their toys as well as play poker, PlayStation or anything else with their friends.

A garage

A garage is also a very popular choice among those who prefer to invest in a converted shipping container, because it provides a secure place to store a car and it is an affordable choice compared to other alternatives. Shipping containers were designed to keep safe heavy cargo, so you can rest assured that it will be able to keep your car safe as well.

A home office

Many people work from home these days and if you cannot spare a room from your house for the office, this is indeed a viable option. Shipping containers are properly insulated, allowing their users to be completely comfortable in them. You could finally have a place to keep some of your documents, without having to worry that someone might misplace them.

These are the most common uses of a converted shipping container, but it can be used for so much more. Many people actually open cafes or diners in these containers because of the minimum investment they would have to make. So if you have some extra space in your back yard and you feel that you could use some extra storage room, this is exactly the solution you were looking for.