What to look for when visiting a hair salon

What to look for when visiting a hair salon

Are you up for a radical change or you simply think your hair could use some professional treatments? Then you need to start looking for the best hair salon in your city. If you live in Weybridge, Surrey, then a reliable alternative is the one you will find if you visit http://www.leobancroft.com. Choosing the right facility may not be as easy as it seems, so pay a lot of attention during the research process. There are several things you need to check before visiting a salon, but there are also some aspects you have to analyse once you step inside the establishment. So, whether you get referrals from a friend or you find out about the hair dresser through social media channels, make not of everything around you as soon as you reach the location. Gather information in order to decide if the place actually is what you need – here are some criteria you have to keep in mind:

Friendly staff

Nowadays, customer services is one of the most relevant assets of a company. Actually, it can make the difference between two similar businesses. So, as soon as you step inside the hair salon you have chosen, check how the staff is treating clients. Nobody likes seeing grumpy faces or talking to arrogant individuals, so if you notice any of these, cancel the appointment immediately. If you are welcomed by smiley faces and people who speak politely, explaining you everything you need to know, then that place is definitely a keeper. You will see how these people are happy to explain every operation they perform on your hair, and even show you how to do it yourself, at home. This means they value their customers and use their knowledge to keep them close and engaged.


A hygienic and clean place is definitely a safe place. You would not want to get your hair cut or arranged with combs and tools that have not been sanitized after the previous use – that is juts gross and unhealthy. For this reason, the moment you put your feet inside a hair dresser’s facility, make sure you analyse how they clean their tools and what type of products they use. This is very important not only for the quality of the results you are going to get, but also for your health. You cannot risk to get a disease from a beauty salon, so try to pick one that has excellent referrals as far as hygiene is concerned.

Late hour tools and devices

For the best results, you need to see a professional hair dresser who has access to the most performing tools and devices. So, besides the staff, atmosphere and cleanliness, check the objects and products they are using are in accordance to the latest trends of the industry and technology. Remember that some skilled hands and professional products are the first step towards a flawless hair style!