Using House Chores to Teach Children About Responsibility

Children are very difficult to handle, especially if they have been spoiled and protected from doing various activities. If you want to have a responsible child that behaves, instead of spoiling him all the time you should make the small one do different chores around the house to make him more responsible. These chores will teach the child valuable skills that he will need to learn in time anyway, and by teaching him how to do them and having the small one start from an early age with doing these chores, you aren’t only making him more responsible, but you will make the small one feel more important and mature as well.

Washing the dishes

There are some chores which can be made a lot easier with modern appliances. For example, a lot of people are under the impression that washing dishes by hand saves them a lot of water and energy. If you read some dishwasher reviews from 2016, you will see that in reality, the dishwasher uses way less water than a person washing the dishes. Moreover, if your child can be trusted with the dishwasher, you should teach him how to use it. No matter if you have a dishwasher and you teach your child how to operate the appliance, or if you don’t have a dishwasher and you let him hand wash all the dishes daily, this is a chore that a child must be taught to do on his own. It will save you time and effort, and it will teach the small one that he has to clean after himself, and that he shouldn’t leave dirty dishes lying around the house. If you still don’t own a dishwasher, read some dishwasher reviews from 2016 and choose one. Teach your child how this appliances helps you save water, and how important it is to think about the environment, even when it comes to small, everyday tasks.

Mowing the lawn

After the cold season passes, the lawn has to be tended to again, and you can easily teach your child how to use the lawn mower and supervise him while he takes care of it. During summer, when the child will want to spend all his free time outside, you will teach him that he has to be more tempered about how he spends it and to value this time more by making him mow the lawn once every 1-2 weeks.

It’s a simple chore, it doesn’t take a lot of time, due to the fact that the child is operating the lawn mower there won’t be too much effort put on him, and you will finally get to have one hour for yourself. We advise you to use an electric lawn mower, as it will be a lot easier for the child to push. you can find some reviews of the best electric lawn mowers on However, make sure that the child is old enough to handle such a tool.

Removing the snow from the driveway

Winter might be filled with fun activities for the entire family, like snowball fights, making snow men and snow angels, and waiting impatiently for Santa to bring you all gifts, but the fact that the driveway must be cleared of the snow that builds up on it every 1-2 days can ruin your mood.
The best thing to do is to teach the child to operate the snow blower and have him doing this chore, teaching him how to be more responsible while giving you more free time.
If you want, you can even have a reward system, and give the child his favorite cookies and a hot chocolate when he’s done. After all, he deserves it for being responsible and mature.