Unique Knitting Gifts for Your Grandmother

Unique Knitting Gifts for Your Grandmother

If your grandmother is passionate about knitting, there are no better gifts for her than knitting supplies. These types of gifts show that you pay attention to her hobby, and they also have a practical nature, so she will surely appreciate them. However, basic supplies can make for a boring gift, so why not try to surprise her with something more unique. If you are having troubles finding interesting knitting gifts, we have some ideas that your grandmother will surely love:

1. A yarn bowl

This is a rather new knitting tool, which can prove to be very useful. The purpose of yarn bowls is to prevent the yarn from twisting and rolling around the house during the knitting process. You might think that this isn’t really a problem. However, knitters know that precious yarns can get dirty or can even get damaged if they roll on the floor, not to mention the fact that they can get all tangled up. Moreover, if the yarn gets overly twisted, it can lead to flaws in the knitting project. Yarn bowls are specially designed to prevent all these problems. They have solid bases with provides them with a lot of stability and they feature circular gaps on the side which guide the yarn without twisting it.

2. A knitting machine

You might think that a knitting machine takes the fun out of this craft. However, this clever device is great for women who don’t have the time to commit to larger knitting projects. It provides the same handmade feel to knitted crafts, without requiring any effort. So, if your grandma is always complaining that she doesn’t have time for all her knitting ideas, this machine can be the ideal gift for her. It is also good for people who have arthritis or other conditions that prevent them from practicing this craft.

3. An item personalized with a funny item

You can find a lot of funny gifts online that celebrate the joy of knitting. One idea would be this lovely watch that states that time doesn’t matter when you are having fun knitting. You can also consider a personalized t-shirt. You can look for knitting quotes online, or you can use your creativity to come up with your own quote. If you are looking for suggestions consider these quotes: “Knitting is cheaper than therapy”, “Act like a lady, knit like a boss”, or “Lean Mean Knitting Machine”.