Top signs your boiler needs repairing

Top signs your boiler needs repairing

When the central heating system stops working, it is clear that you have a problem. However, even if your boiler continues to work, this does not mean that it is functioning at full capacity or that there is no issue whatsoever with it. It may actually need repairing. Telling whether or not the central heating system needs fixed is indeed difficult, but it is not impossible. Before calling heating engineers Bishop’s Stortford, it is better to look for the following warning signs.

Higher heating bills

Heating systems which are older have the tendency to work harder and consequently consume more energy than they should. If the boiler takes a while to heat up, you will undoubtedly pay higher energy bills. In order to reduce the costs, it is necessary to get the boiler repaired. Once the engineer is finished with the device, it will start producing heat immediately. The point is that you should not wait until your home is comfortably warm.

Curious smells

If you sense a metallic odour coming from the boiler, you should get it serviced as soon as possible. This is a classic indicator of oil or gas leaking from the central heating system. What is important to keep in mind is that that gas released by the boiler is poisonous, which means that it can cause death. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore the presence of strange smells. Unpleasant smells, whether harmful or not, also indicate that there may be an issue with the ventilation system or that another component has broken down.

Unfamiliar noises

The last thing you want to hear coming from the hating device is strange noises. Iron deposits that determine an unequal water distribution can cause these noises. Another source of inharmonious sounds is the fan. When it is running out, it tends to make a buzz. There can be a number of other faults, which is the reason why you should have the boiler looked at by a professional.

Pilot light malfunction

If the pilot light is failing to stay lit, this means that the device is not able to warm the water. If you do not have any success with the instruction booklet, your only hope is to call a heating engineer. A professional is able to address the problem in a timely manner and save you the trouble of having to do the work yourself. It is important to call the expert in time, before the problem gets worse.