Tips to play 5 aside football like a pro

Tips to play 5 aside football like a pro

Do you enjoy the occasional football game with your mates? Then why not play it more professionally? There are a few tips you can take into account that will allow you to step up your game, and enrich your footballing experience overall. With so many 5 a side football leagues London, you have many opportunities to start playing the game with more professionalism and on a proper pitch. Here are just a few tips you can use to start playing like a pro:

Join a local league

First, in order to discover the real 5 aside football experience, you should gather yourself the perfect team and then join a local league. With just a quick search on the web, you can easily find an online platform that will give you the chance to join a league exactly in your area. This way, you will have the right pitch and equipment at your disposal, to play this sport like pros do.

Choose a suitable position

Regardless of what position you think is more important in a football team, you should always choose one that suits you. If you are the quiet, effective type, then you might make a good striker, if you are more outgoing, then a midfield position might be the right choice for you. Think about each player’s personality, and choose your positions wisely.

Leave your ego behind – it’s all about team work

Even if you may believe that you can lead your team to victory all by yourself, you should never let your ego influence the way you play. Although you might want to win more than anything, you are playing football for fun, so not forget that and let your team mates be as involved in the game as you are. Regardless if you are the striker, you should always attack as a team. The ultimate purpose is winning, but enjoying yourself is far more important than that, so leave your ego in the dressing room.

5 aside football is certainly a fun and exciting activity, perfect for those who enjoy spending their free time in a more active and challenging way. If football has always been your passion, then give yourself the opportunity to play it on a more professional level, and join a league in your area. Build yourself a team, choose the right position, be a good team player, and victory will be easy to achieve.