Tips to choose the right nail shape for you

Tips to choose the right nail shape for you

Nail art is the topic every woman says no to. Every one of them has a certain preference in colour, shape and pattern, but not all of shapes are suited for a woman’s hand. Actually is quite hard to find the right nail shape for your fingers, because you have to determine if your fingers are short or long, and if they are narrow or wide. In case you cannot figure out by yourself which is the best shape for your nails, you should ask the advice of a professional from a beauty centre like IG Beauty Studio. Here are some tips that will help you decide upon the right one.

Discover your nails shape

There are two aspects which have to be considered when you want to find out which the shape of your nails is, length and width. Therefore, you have to determine if you have long or short fingers, and if they are slim or wide. A beauty expert can help you determine the shape of your nails, and advice you what shape is appropriate for them.

Nail shape for long fingers

You might have long fingers, but they can be wide or slim, so depending on this feature you will decide upon their shape. In case you have long and wide fingers, you can embrace their form if you give them a long shape. The best option for you would be the almond and oval one. They will offer your fingers the illusion of being slimmer. In case you have long and slim fingers, then you are a lucky winner, because any shape would look perfect on your nails. However, specialists recommend the square and squoval shapes, because they will give your slim hands the impression of an elegant and edgy look.

Nail shape for short fingers

In this case also, depends if your fingers are wide or slim. In case you have short and wide fingers, then you should go for round and oval nails, because they will make your hands look more feminine. You can wear your nails long to give the impression that you have longer fingers. If you have short and slim fingers, then you can wear any shape, and your hands will look great. The optimum look for you would be the oval, almond and squoval shape, because they will give the impression of longer and wider fingers. Follow these simple tips and transform the look of your nails.