Three key features to look for in a levitating speaker

Three key features to look for in a levitating speaker

Lately levitating speakers are the most wanted gadget on the market, because they combine a futuristic design with great sound quality. Long are the days when you had to invest in a huge sound system for being able to listen to your favorite songs without being disturbed by fond sounds. Now you have the possibility to purchase a sound system, which does not even look like one, because it features a speaker that floats in the air. So what could be more amazing than this? But before going online and looking for a levitating speaker, you should be sure that you know exactly what features you should look for, because not all of the devices available on the market have the same great characteristics Maglev sound system has.

Battery life

The majority of the floating speakers available on the market could be used to play music or direct phone calls, even when they are away from the base, so you have to be sure that you would be able to use them for as long as possible. The best way to find out for how long their battery lasts is to take a look on the reviews listed online for every model of speaker you might want to purchase. In this way, you will find out the opinion of a professional who has tested the device, and who is able to tell you exactly how long its battery lasts. Usually the battery life of a reliable speaker should last around 9 hours.


Because this device is made from two parts, and one of them is floating, you might want to purchase one, which features an orb that is stabile. You should know that you have to place the bulb above the base, after you turn it on, so you should take a look online and see what specialists have to say about certain models, because some of them are quite difficult to place. You should not spend more than a few seconds trying to place the sphere above the base, because this means that the model you have purchased is not a quality one. Also, you should look for a model, which is able to sustain the speaker even when it is not placed on a totally flat surface, because you might want to move it from place to place and not all your furniture items might have a perfect surface.


When you purchase a levitating speaker, you should know that it functions according to a Bluetooth technology, so you should look in the description of the product to see if it is compatible with the gadgets you already own. Some of the models cannot be connected with devices manufactured by some specific providers, so you have to be sure that you buy one that you can actually use. In addition, some of the manufacturers state that their products are compatible with all the gadgets from the market, but you should do some research by yourself, and find out what specialists have to say about them.