Three fun ideas for wedding favours

Three fun ideas for wedding favours

Planning your wedding is certainly no easy task. Brides who have been through the process know this lesson all to well. It should be of no surprise to anyone that there are women who completely shift in terms of personality and become the so-called bridezillas. Their nerves are pushed to the limit and it is very difficult to contain yourself and be positive all of the time. However, you really need to take a break from time to time and take a look at simpler tasks, like getting the wedding favours ready. If you are the kind of bride that prefers something special, something unique, then going for personalized wedding favours is exactly the idea for you! Speaking of ideas, here are three suggestions on wedding favours you might find useful.

Bottle openers


You might think that is a rather inappropriate item to offer as a wedding favour, but in reality, guests really appreciate practical gifts. And, to be quite honest what item is more practical than a bottle opener? Plus, in the opinion of many, bottle openers are very much connected with the idea of weddings. These events are all about joy and happiness and a glass of wine stands for exactly the same thing. Plus, bottles are always opened in households, so you know that your event is going to be remembered.


Message jars


This is a simple idea, one you can do yourself, if you have the time and the patience to do so. All you need are mason jars and chalkboard labels. Write on the labels the name of the guests who will be receiving the jars or your wedding date. Add a few happy thoughts in the jar and offer your guests your gifts. You will notice that this idea is very practical and if you are having a bohemian wedding, then they will fit perfectly to the event.


Matches for perfect couples


There is nothing funnier than combining creativity with an amusing message. Here is an idea that is simple to put into practice and that is cost effective. Take a small bag. Place two matches inside and add a label with a funny text like perfect match or light my fire. Your guests will love them, because they remind them of the innocence of true love. Plus, the matches are going to be used, you’ll see. Your guests will love them too much to use them!