Teach your kid how to make a ribbon flower

Teach your kid how to make a ribbon flower

Crafts are very important for kids. They help little ones develop important skills, like communication, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. Until now you haven’t had the time to do crafts with your child. Stop making excuses, and find time. Surely you can sacrifice an hour or two for the sake of your child. But what can you do together? Well, you can teach how to make a ribbon flower. That’s simple enough.

What you need to make a ribbon flower

In order to make a ribbon flower, you’ll need the following supplies:

How to make a ribbon flower

As you very well know, there isn’t anything difficult about making a ribbon flower. You just have to have a lot of patience. Your kid isn’t used to working with their hands, not to mention that they need tons of explanations. If you don’t know how to put things into words, use the following explanations:


  • Hold the material with the thumb, and make loops of the same length. It’s not enough to give details; you’ll have to make a demonstration. There is no exact number, so your child can make as many loops as they like.
  • The extra ribbon is to be cut. You don’t have to worry that your kid will hurt themselves with the pair of scissors. It isn’t that sharp. If you want peace of mind though, use one made especially for kids.
  • The edges of ribbon are secured with thread. It’s not a good idea to hand over the needle and thread to your toddle, so you can take over this part. Make sure to insert the needle in the left or the right, never in the centre.
  • Open all the loops.
  • For the petal, you can attach a bead. Or you can make one. Grab a piece of ribbon and crease it from both sides. Move the corners inwards and sew them together.

An activity of this kind takes no more than 5 minutes, that is if you’re an experienced person. While you can achieve this in 5 minutes or so, your kid won’t be able to. If you’re not patient with the child, they will abandon the activity and never want to hear about crafts ever again. This is the reason why it’s important not to rush things.