Teach your child the secrets of metal detecting

Teach your child the secrets of metal detecting

Metal detecting is a fun activity that, believe it or not, can bond the relationship between parents and children. Nowadays, children tend to spend more time inside the house, and browsing the Internet rather than spending time outside playing with their friends in the neighborhood. Teach your child the beauty and fun that lies behind metal detecting. Before deciding upon a specific metal detector, make sure you visit websites such as http://www.topdetectors.today/ and read some reliable reviews on the most popular devices available on the market. If you do not know exactly what to look for in a metal detector, you might want to read some useful tips below.

Opt for an entry-level metal detector

The first thing you, as a parent, need to keep in mind when searching for metal detectors for children is to make sure the device is specifically designed for beginners. It is worth mentioning that there are certain devices on the market that are designed for children with age under 8 years old. These detectors are smaller in size, which makes them perfect for child use. However, for children over 9 years old, you can opt for metal detectors that are also used by adults. It is important to know that these devices do not weight more than 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds), which makes them perfectly usable for children above 9 years old. There is a wide variety of metal detectors available on the marketplace: some of them are perfect for professional use only and have more buttons with various features, while other devices are more friendly and easier to understand and use, making them perfect tools for entry and mid-level hunters.

Pay attention to the features

Even though you want to purchase a metal detector for your child, this does not mean that you have to look for the cheapest device that has fewer features available. One important aspect to consider in detectors is to be waterproof, especially if you live somewhere near the beach. A waterproof metal detector allows your child to use the device even in areas with waters that are not too deep, such as near the beach, where children can find numerous treasures. Another aspect to take into account is for the device to have the sniff or discrimination mode available. Whether you purchase the detector only for your child or you tend to use it yourself during weekends for example, you should definitely look for detectors that have this feature. The discrimination mode allows the detector to search only for valuable metals and avoid the other worthless metals in areas where there is a low of metal trash.

Find the right supplier

As it was previously mentioned, there are numerous providers that put at people’s disposal a wide variety of metal detectors suitable for every level, be it beginner, intermediate or expert in metal detecting. It is recommended to do some research online and look for the supplier that provides you with a metal detector that meets both your needs and interests and that is of the highest quality.