Stylish engagement ring trends for modern women

Stylish engagement ring trends for modern women

When it comes to rings, you should know that women are just passionate about them, and when you have to choose one for proposing to your girlfriend, you have to search a lot, to find the right one. Every year new trends arise, and if your girlfriend is a modern woman, then you have to take a look at what this year’s trends are, if you want to show her that you appreciate her, and that you pay attention to details. When you take a look online, you would see that there are plenty of models every woman would adore, and if you find the perfect model for yours, you only have to contact a diamond supplier London, and ask them to create for you the model you have chosen. Here are the latest ring trends, browse through them, and choose the one that would make her say “Yes”.

Open setting rings

You might have seen this type of ring on your mother’s hand, and you might think that it is an old-fashioned model, but they are making a great comeback. You should know that this type of rings is quite special among celebrities, and women are quite aware of the models of engagement rings celebrity have, and if you are lucky enough she might even mention a few names, so you would only have to look online on how Beyoncé’s ring looks like. This model is perfect for showing off the diamond, so you should look for one that has a simple band that gives maximum impact to the stone.

Marquise rings

The last years were all about engagement rings that feature strange diamond cuts, so you should not be surprised that in this year’s trends is included the marquise ring. This model has something of the vintage looking models, which makes it similar to the regal jewelleries, and it would be perfect for your girlfriend if she likes to wear something distinctive. By playing around with the colours, and combining different stone cuts, you can transform it into a modern and unique piece, so use your imagination and create a beautiful model.

Ornate bands

If your girlfriend is all about big rings, then you should look for something similar when it comes to engagement rings. One option is the multiple bands ring, which shares common features with the other engagement rings, but it is bolder and makes a statement by itself. It is considered a vintage wedding ring, because it has at least a filigree band, and it combines something from the bohemian style with the texture of an embellished modern ring. This ring is perfect for the brides who like diamond rings that do not feature a big centre stone.

Unique design

And when thinking about unique designs, is all about creating the model by yourself, inspiring from the model of the year, or not. You are the person who knows her better, and who knows what she might like, and why spending your time trying to find one on the market, when you can collaborate with a diamond supplier and creating your own.