Student accommodation hunt – Things to consider

Student accommodation hunt – Things to consider

Going away from home for collage can be very exciting. However, when you think about the fact that you must find a decent place to live in, you get some cold chills down your spine. A college campus might be an option, but if you think about the noise in there and the facilities lacking, you start to consider beginning your hunt for a rental nearby. The local newspaper is one option, however you might want to find through an agency specialized in finding accommodation for students in Newcastle. Such companies are not a real estate agencies; therefore, you don’t have to worry about exorbitant deposit amounts and monthly rents. Still, finding the perfect place for you might be a mystery. For those confused about the things they should pay attention to when searching for a place to rent, below is a small guide.

1. Are you renting alone or with a friend?

Going to college with your best friend might have a good outcome. You can share the same place, you have same interests and you generally listen to the same music. Chances to annoy each other are small and you can split the bills with success. However, try to find a location with two bedrooms, because students surely appreciate a little privacy. Additionally, pay attention to the layout, to the apartment’s orientation, if it has enough natural light. Sometimes, aspects like these might help you and your buddy to save some money on electricity bills.

2. Does the location have the necessary appliances?

A refrigerator, a microwave, security systems and television systems might be some aspects you might want to pay attention to before deciding to rent an apartment. A good heating system is always welcomed, especially during colder seasons. See what the agency recommends, and if you like a location a lot but it lacks some appliances, ask the agency for them. Maybe they can provide what you need.

3. Can you afford the monthly rent?

Of course, by working with an agency specialized in renting to students you might have cut the upfront rent fee. But can you afford paying the following? This is something you should consider first before signing a rental contract. Moreover, can you afford to also pay the monthly bills and expenses? If you are renting with a friend, things should be easier.

Here are some questions you should find answers to before deciding to rent an apartment. They can save you a lot of time and energy in your hunt for a rental.