Step by step planning for your garden room project

Step by step planning for your garden room project

Whether you need to increase the functional space on your real estate, or you are planning to have an extra recreational room, having a garden room built seems to be the best solution. The outbuilding can get you out of a lot of trouble, especially if you lack square footage. It can be transformed in absolutely anything, from a sauna to a games facility – it is completely up to you. There are several criteria to keep in mind before making the decision, which is why you need to inform yourself and think this through. Hire a team of experts, such as the one from, and discuss your options. Read on to find out some relevant details.

Choosing the utility

There are many purposes for which house owners decide to have a garden room built, and since this is your project, the use is totally up to you. The most common uses are: home office, guest room, home cinema, sauna or even kennel, for those who have pets. These are only some suggestions, but the fact that the space is completely isolated gives you the freedom to choose absolutely everything.

Picking the right location

A garden room cannot be positioned absolutely anywhere outside the house. Think about the space you have available in your yard and keep in mind that you will have to link the annex to utilities such as electricity, water, internet and so on. This means it has to be somehow close to the property. However, if you want an isolated partition, like a relaxation room or home office, it should be placed a bit farther away.

Getting permissions

As with any change you make to your property, you need to get a permit from specialised authorities. You have to deal with paperwork that certifies the purpose of the outbuilding, as well as its technical features and safety characteristics. Based on this, competent authorities decide whether you can start the project or not. Sometimes, if the construction is small, it can be done without a special permission.


Since the room will be quite small, you have to think about multiple solutions to optimise the use of space. Opt for a flat roof and a contemporary design, even a minimalist one, to complement the small dimensions. You also want to keep the main features of the real estate, because a contrasting annex would look out of place, and select matching materials.