Six Reasons to Add More Mirrors to Your Home

Six Reasons to Add More Mirrors to Your Home


Looking for a fast, effective and affordable way to breathe new life into your interiors? Believe it or not, there’s not a great deal out there that ticks all the right boxes quite like the humble mirror!

Wall art can be wonderful and photos are fab, but the difference just a few strategically placed mirrors can make is unrivalled. So if you’ve been thinking about perking things up indoors but don’t know where to start, here’s a quick rundown of six reasons to add more mirrors to your home right now:

1. Mirrors Produce the Illusion of Space

First of all, any cramped (or should we say cosy) living space can be made to look and feel significantly bigger with the inclusion of mirrors. Even though mirrors won’t actually make the room any bigger physically, you’ll nonetheless notice an immediate difference in terms of perceived space. This all comes down to the way in which mirrors not only produce the illusion of space through reflection, but also improve the overall lightness and brightness of the room.  Along with being a great trick to try out in small bathrooms and bedrooms, using mirrors side by side along narrow hallways within the home can instantly give a more spacious, roomier feel.

2. Mirrors Increase and Enhance Natural Light

The one thing most expensive lighting fixtures and technology have in common is the way in which they attempt to replicate natural light. Soaking up as much natural light as possible is just as important for human beings as it is for plants, animals and pretty much everything else that lives on land. Mirrors represent just about the single best addition to the home when it comes to enhancing and maximising natural light. Particularly in instances where rooms don’t drink in a wealth of natural light from the outdoors, mirrors can help ensure you make the most of what you’re given. And the more natural light your rooms bask in, the less artificial lighting you’ll need to use.

3. Mirrors Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Well, perhaps not to any kind of radical extent, but maximising natural light and minimising artificial lighting requirements also means reducing energy consumption.  Even when you are forced to use artificial lighting exclusively – during hours of darkness – mirrors can help ensure that the light produced by your lighting fixtures bounces all over the place. Brighter-coloured walls paired with plenty of mirrors make for much easier-to-light rooms than those with darker walls and no mirrors installed.

4. Mirrors Make a Statement

Never forget that mirrors do not have to be purely practical or functional additions to a room. If you choose to do so, you can of course install something of a generic square or rectangle mirror, with absolutely no frame or embellishments whatsoever. By contrast, if you want to create a primary focus point for the entire room, you’ll find a world of quirky and creative mirrors out there that are guaranteed to satisfy. Not only this, but it’s also worth remembering that mirrors can be strategically placed so as to accent or highlight whatever it is in any given room you are particularly proud of. If there is some kind of ornament you’d like visitors to see immediately or a fixture you simply cannot get enough of, why not use a mirror to highlight it?

5. Mirrors Can Hide Imperfections

If you find yourself staring at walls with any number of imperfections that are really starting to bug you, there are two options on the table. The first of these options is to go through the long-winded and expensive process of having your walls fixed and re-painted, papered or plastered. The second option is to take the ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach, which involves investing in the most gorgeous mirrors you can lay your hands on and using them to hide the imperfections. Of course, the same can also be said for photographs and other artwork that can be hung on the walls, but as we’ve already covered…mirrors are superior!

6. Mirrors Keep You Looking Good

Last but not least, anyone who takes pride in their appearance may find keeping tabs on personal perfection much easier, with the addition of a few more mirrors around the home. Certainly a preferable option to that of queuing day after day to use the one mirror in the home that has adequate lighting and shows you from your ‘best’ angle.