Should you repair or replace your air conditioning?

Should you repair or replace your air conditioning?

In the scorching heat of summer, a functioning air conditioner is the only thing that helps you stay comfortable and enjoy your daily activities. In hot areas such as Australia, air cons can be found in just about every home and commercial building, so it can be said that people really rely on them. But, as it is the case with all appliances, the warranty expires at one point and, when faced with AC malfunctions, you have to ask yourself: is it worth paying for air conditioning repair or should you just buy a new one instead? The decision depends on several factors.


What do your energy bills tell you?


How high are your energy bills? Because if you’re paying a lot of money every month because of the air conditioning unit, then the best long term solution would be to replace rather than repair it. In the past years, manufacturers have started taking energy efficiency more and more seriously, so the AC units you can find on the market today are clearly superior. Old air conditioners (typically older than 10 years) work extra to cool the room properly, which translates into higher energy bills. Unless you’re alright with spending more on bills every month, then you should look at the newer AC models, built with sustainability in mind.


How old is the air conditioner?


Here’s the harsh truth: just because an appliance still works, doesn’t mean it’s very effective. Many people still hold on to AC units they bought 15 years ago because they get the job done, and if you are satisfied with this performance or your budget can only afford repairs, then that’s alright. However, if you are looking for top performance and energy efficiency in your home, then save up for a new air conditioning unit. With diligent maintenance, an air conditioner can work well for about 10 years, but anything older than that increases your bills by about 20%.


Dirt, dust and leaks


One of the most common reasons why people call in a repairs team is because their AC has started to gather dust or because the coil and compressor are leaking. These issues are perfectly normal, especially if you live in a dry area, so you shouldn’t expect to replace the entire AC because of them. A professional repair service will fix them in no time, so that you can enjoy comfort in your house once again.


You don’t get a constant temperature


This issue is often unperceivable at first. Because the air conditioner needs a long time to cool and start again, temperatures in different rooms are not constant. The living room might be cool and comfortable, but the air in the bedroom is so warm you can hardly breathe! If you call a repairs them, they will be able to fix this issue, but it’s important to know that once it starts occurring, it will get worse and worse until your air con no longer works, so sooner or later you will have to invest in a new one.