Richmond upon Thames – a place for all categories of tourists

Richmond upon Thames – a place for all categories of tourists

Richmond upon Thames is a place whose popularity has grown a lot lately, thanks to the fact that local people are interested in promoting it. But not only locals are the ones who determine tourists to come, but also the large variety of activities which can be done in this place. In fact, experts say that Richmond upon Thames is the proper option for all categories of tourists. And if you do not believe it, here they are some things that you should take into consideration.

Tourists who are passionate about architecture

Architecture is the first thing that will make you fall in love when you get out of your car or plane. And if you ask yourself what to do in Richmond first, you should know that it is better to start with Marble Hill House which comes with a very interesting history. It is said that the house was built for the remarkable Henrietta Howard, who was the mistress of King George II.

Then, you have to go to Ham House, a mansion which was built in 17th century and which is appreciated thanks to its lovely gardens. But this is not all. Do not finish your tour without going to Orleans House which also famous as the major gallery in Richmond, with over 40,000 visitors each year, and to Hampton Court Palace, where the guides wear festive period costumes. Moreover, if you have children, you should take them see the Kew Gardens.

Tourists who love sport

Are you keen on physical activities? Do you like to keep fit and healthy even when you are on holiday? Well, Richmond upon Thames is the perfect place for you, due to the fact that you can join many sport clubs. What is more, you can go to stadium and watch a match of rugby with your friends or you can exercise your abilities when it comes to tennis or cricket. Cricket is regarded as one of the oldest sports from Borough and if you want to know something about its history, Richmond is the perfect place.

Tourists who want to relax

If you find London too crowded, Richmond upon Thames is the perfect destination for you, because it will offer you all you need in order to relax and forget about stress and worries. And our recommendations in this case are some long walks in the Richmond Park. Furthermore, if you want, you can hire a bike and enjoy the ride in a pleasant companion. Another good suggestion is replacing the bike with a boat and taking advantage of the time spent on the lake for putting your thoughts in order.

Tourists who know how to appreciate a good meal

Despite architecture, sport and relaxation, Richmond upon Thames is also famous for its restaurants where you can seat and taste some of the most delicious dishes from UK. Plus, the restaurants are decorated in a friendly way, as to determine tourists to spend some quality time there. On the other hand, this city is also a good option for those who want to have fun too. They can go and listen to some good music in the local pubs, in order to find the evenings more interesting.