Renting a telehandler – questions to ask

Renting a telehandler – questions to ask

Small and compact telehandlers are valuable tools for jobsites, but the issue is that they are very expensive to purchase. This is the reason why most companies prefer renting to buying heavy machinery. Hiring a teleporter has financial and operational advantages. Not only is the piece of equipment affordable, but it is highly flexible. Yet, to make sure that the telescopic handler meets your needs and requirements, it is necessary to know what to ask. When you rent telehandlers, you should be asking the following questions.

How much can the telehandler lift?

Telescopic handlers are capable of lifting heavy items, which means that they are not limited to pallet roots anymore. Yet, not all teleporters have the same lifting capacities and they may not meet the unique requirements of your job site. You should make sure to ask the rental company what and how much the machinery can handle. The answer depends largely on the telescopic porter that you are looking at. The rule of thumb is this: the bigger the machine is, the bigger the load capacity is. Consult the load chart before making a final decision.

What attachments do you offer?

Taking into account that attachments play an important role in increasing productivity it is necessary to ask the rental company what attachments it offers. Some of the most common telescopic handler attachments are booms, carriages, buckets and pallet forks. Carefully consider what attachments you will need in order to complete your daily tasks. Equally important is paying attention to the fact that for some pieces you will have to pay extra. The lease price may or may not include the attachments that you need for your job site.

What features does the telehandler have?

Top teleporters have performing features, like robust transmissions and custom tires. Other common options include hitches for towing. When hiring a telescopic handler, it is important to examine the specific features of the machine. The features should enhance the machine’s flexibility and safe operation. You do not want the machine to ignore commands and put your workers in danger.

What type of training is included in the rental price?

Yet again, you should think about job site safety. Accidents do occur when operating a teleporter and they are devastating for the persons involved as well as their families. Any employer who will be operating the telehandler must have completed a complete training and have a certification to use the heavy machinery. The rental company is the one responsible with providing your employees professional training, so make sure to ask what is included in the rental price.