Parental control: limiting your child’s computer usage 


The road to adulthood is long and rocky. As an adult, you already know this and as a parent, you have the responsibility to provide guidance for your innocent child until he reaches the age of adolescence and even further, because we all know that a parent does not lose his purpose just because the child has grown and started to act like a mature individual. Therefore, you have to identify the menaces or dangers that might affect your child negatively and of course, protect him from them. The evolution and presence of technology in family life might prove to be an obstacle that could impede you from completing this mission successfully. Children have information that exceeds their age at the fingertips due to the internet ad for this reason, not only limiting their time in front of the computer or other modern devices but also controlling their usage becomes imperative. You should expect tears and tantrums but you have to maintain a strong and unwavering attitude.

Think strategically and come up with interesting activities

The internet provides many entertainment methods for your child, starting from animated movies like “Toy Story” to online games like “Fluffy Favourites”, but it does not mean that he knows how to select them appropriately so you have to be there for him and advise him in this regard. Do not make the mistake do forbid him even coming near to the computer because you will create a tense atmosphere between you and your child and you definitely do not want that. On the contrary, you should maintain a positive relationship based on communication in order to remain close to your kid when he most needs you. Instead of slowly alienating your child, you should implement smart strategies with the purpose to track and limit his time on the computer without him realizing it. This may sound impossible, but you can do it. You just need to replace a part of that time with entertaining and fun activities that could really spark the interest of your child or tasks that challenge him and force him to work hard to accomplish them. Of course, you have to reward him at the end of each task to give him that sense of fulfilment and happiness.

Choose the best strategy according to his age

Of course, you have to take into consideration the age of your child because this will help you approach the most efficient strategy in order to control his time in front of the computer. If you are dealing with a toddler, do not let him exceed 30 minutes of computer entertainment and always stay close in order to examine his behaviour when interacting with all those entertaining options provided by the internet. You should be the one who chooses the most suitable games for his age, not him. If your child is in the elementary school, you can give him extra time to enjoy free play on the computer as long as he does not neglect the homework or school projects. If your child is already in the middle school, then you can extend the computer time to one hour, but still pay attention to his behaviour.