Make sure you are getting enough calcium

Make sure you are getting enough calcium

Calcium plays an important role in building and maintaining bones and teeth, but the problem is that the body simply does not manufacture enough amounts of calcium. What happens is that the body uses the calcium stores in the bones to the advantage of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The only thing you can do in order to prevent such a deficit is to eat calcium-rich foods or to take AlgaeCal supplements. Now, the issue is the following: How much calcium should you take? With regards to how much calcium women should take on a daily basis there is much debate. While some claim that it is necessary to take about 1000 mg per day, some say that females actually need 1200 mg per day.

The 1200 mg instruction

Calcium is especially important for women who are looking forward to staying in good shape because it contributes to building strong and healthy bones. Equally important is mentioning that calcium is useful in the fight against cancer. An adequate intake can protect you from illnesses, such as breast cancer or ovarian cancer. Women who are not getting enough milk and dairy products due to lactose intolerance should do something in order to supplement their nutrient consumption. This is of the utmost importance because as you begin to age the bone density decreases and it is almost impossible to maintain a proper level of calcium in the blood flow. The rule of thumb is the following: You have to consume 1200 mg of calcium a day. The reason why you should consume 1200 mg instead of 1000 mg is that women have smaller, less solid bones than men. A daily intake of calcium will help you control blood pressure and in general stay healthy.

How to get more calcium in your diet

Undoubtedly there are many ways to get the daily recommended dose of calcium. What you should be doing is eating a lot of greens and dairy products. You can also get the right amount of nutrients from dietary supplements. Unlike eating, say, 20 oranges, you can simply take a pill. Getting a little here and there is not enough to ensure the 1200 mg intake. You should take your supplements right before you go to bed because calcium it not at all absorbed well with other foods. Equally important is not forgetting to drink less caffeine. While coffee is known to have important health benefits, it can also affect the way calcium is absorbed.

Take calcium with vitamin D

In order to achieve the right balance, you should take calcium supplements together with vitamin D. This is necessary in order to make sure that your body is properly absorbing the calcium. The more vitamin D you get, the more the calcium will be absorbed into your body. Not only is vitamin D easily available, but it will definitely maximize your bone health. You can either take this nutrient from your diet or from dietary supplements. Make sure that you are getting enough of vitamin D. You will have a clear advantage over women who do not.