Kids Room Design Ideas

Decorating a kids room doesn’t mean you have to keep it simple and neat. As a matter of fact kids love having all sorts of distractions around, from toys to drawing boards and activity tables. However, the most important thing when designing a kids room is to ensure that the atmosphere is enjoyable and relaxing and that your children feel comfortable when staying inside. You can draw inspiration from these next ideas and start decorating.

Sport-themed bedroom

If your child is passionate about sports in general or, for instance, he enjoys playing soccer you will love this kids room design idea. It’s not only fun but it’s also very playful and it will make your child think about his favorite sport at all times so that he’ll want to play soccer very soon. The decor mainly consists of some decorative plush toys that are related to the sport-themed design, a comfy green rug and shelving for storage purposes.

Bunk beds for kids

Rather than placing a single bed in the room for both kids, you can consider opting for comfortable bunk beds. Even when they are small, kids want to be independent and don’t really enjoy sleeping with their sibling in the same bed. This is also a great solution for houses with small and cramped bedrooms so if space is an issue in your house, opt for this kids room design.

Kids room wallpaper

If you are not into a simplistic and modern design, you will want to use our next tip. When decorating or painting the walls in the kids room, you can consider hiring an artist to paint a fun image onto the wall or for more convenience, you can opt for an wallpaper with a fun print. Try to stick with a theme and keep the decor in the room in the same theme as the wallpaper.

Modern kids room

If you want to add a touch of elegance and style into the kids room, you should avoid colorful decoration items or choosing a bright and vivid color pallette for the walls and rest of the furniture. The key is to choose neutral and earthy colors, such as light brown or beige for the furniture or opt for white furniture. The room will look more spacious and relaxing.

Stripped accent walls

Red and white stripes create a striking focal wall in this kids room design. If you decide to have a single accent wall, make sure to keep the decor minimal and simplistic and don’t opt for several color combinations, otherwise the room will not look as organized and airy.