How to stay organized throughout the divorce process

How to stay organized throughout the divorce process


Divorce. The dreaded conclusion to something that was supposed to be a happy marriage. No couple ever wants to go through it, yet statistics are clear: almost half of US marriages end with divorce. Deciding to end a marriage is never simple and has many implications, both emotional and financial. It takes an emotional toll on both spouses and their children and, to make things more complicated, there is also the legal side of things. For most people, divorce is the first complex legal situation they encounter and, overwhelmed by personal issues, they don’t exactly know how to tackle it. However, it doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. Here are a few tips to stay organized and calm throughout this unpleasant, but necessary process.

Avoid conflict

You are very likely to take bad decisions while things are heated and you’re arguing with your spouse. Try to take some time off and look for a way to relax and avoid arguments. After you’ve established that you definitely want a divorce, allow yourselves some time to think and let things sink in. Don’t act on impulse, because you might do something that could influence the outcome of the divorce. Spend time with friends and family and eliminate bad influences.

Stay informed

Legal separation will seem complicated and tricky, but a non-expert can still get their head around it. The more you understand how divorce works and what legal steps it entails, the clearer things will become. Look for online resources concerning divorce, such as this OC Divorce Infographic, which talks about the steps of the separation in a clear and concise way. Don’t go into details and refrain from reading about uncommon complications. First, stick to learning the basics to avoid feeling powerless and lost throughout the process.

Talk to an experienced lawyer

Working with a good lawyer is essential, because you need professional expertise to go through a divorce. If you don’t know anyone with excellent credentials, have a look at the Avvo profile to get in touch with a local lawyer. When choosing your lawyer, it’s important to pick someone considerate, who understands your situation and can offer you step by step advice. Your lawyer should be there when you need them, answer all your questions and offer you professional support.

Make a list of divorce questions

After you’ve read a few basic facts about divorce, you might still have a few questions, because each case is different and your situation might not be tackled. In addition, most people have financial concerns. You should make a list of these questions and then discuss the answers with your lawyer. Although it’s impossible not to panic, try not to think of  ”what ifs”. Instead, focus on actual facts and legal procedures. Divorce may be stressful, but, with an experienced lawyer by your side, everything will be fine. Needless to say, if you remain organized, you will avoid additional arguments, which will help you to possibly end the marriage on good terms.