How to Soothe and Prevent Back Pains Caused by Carrying the Baby

When the baby appears, everyone’s attention focuses on the small one, caring for him and protecting him, spending most of their time by his side. This ultimately leads to back pains caused by carrying him around, and you have to find effective ways to soothe and prevent them before they get worse.
If you want to find out what your best options are to taking care of those awful back pains caused by carrying the baby, read the following lines.

Get a much needed massage

Nothing can take care of back pain like a soothing and relaxing massage, and the best way to get the much needed massage daily to counter the stress that carrying the baby puts on your back is to buy a massage chair.
A great massage chair that you can buy to take care of the pain that comes from carrying the baby all day is the Osaki OS-4000, and you can have it for the price of $5900.
It’s a zero gravity and full body massage chair that is equipped with the latest technology to provide you with the most relaxing and efficient massage you have ever gotten.
The rollers map the back curvature very accurately, giving you a precise massage that will handle all the key areas of your body, it’s able to self-adjust to fit perfectly for your body type, it comes with 2 stages of zero gravity, the second one being even more reclined to promote a better circulation, it comes with 8 preset programs for you to choose from that include Relax, Ciculation, Healthcare, Smart, Neck&Shoulder, Demo, Back, Full Air, and Lumbar.

Change your mattress to soothe the pain

Getting a massage might be an efficient way to relieve the pain your back, but it isn’t enough to prevent and to repair the damage done by carrying the baby, needing a good mattress to sleep on as well. Therefore, throw out your old one and look for a new modern mattress that will offer you the best support while sleeping.
The ideal choice for those who suffer from back pains is the Beautyrest Recharge World Class Manorville mattress, and you can have the Full sized model for $1900, the Queen sized model for $2200, and the King sized model and the California King sized one for $2400.
It uses hundreds of pocketed coils to provide with the best back support, motion separation for an undisturbed sleep, the AirCool foam provides you with support and airflow, the GelTouch foam layer adds additional pressure relief, and with the help of the TruTemp technology it releases the excess warmth from the mattress by absorbing, storing, and releasing it, giving you a comfortable temperature zone.