How to prepare the perfect group trip

How to prepare the perfect group trip

Traveling is one of the most entertaining activities you could plan for your spare time. Leaving the day to day routine and spending time with a group made of your closest friends can be really fun. But while it is extremely exciting and fun, there are also plenty of things you have to take care of before taking off. Planning a trip, especially for a larger number of people is quite demanding and can even become overwhelming, which is why you have to start working in advance. To make sure everything turns out right and all the participants are happy, try to make the safest choices in terms of destination, transportation and accommodation. If you cannot afford to travel abroad, start searching for facilities near where you live – you may be surprised to discover how many group accommodation options you have to choose from. This way, you get to spend some memorable times and have access to multiple leisure activities, without even leaving your country or city. However, you still have to make some arrangements in advance, so here are the things you need to take care of:


Whether you choose to leave the city or you pick a location near your home, if you travel for many days, you need to take accommodation into consideration. The good news is that many facilities nowadays have been designed to support larger groups of people, so chances are you find something comfortable and affordable quite easy. The trick is to book with some time in advance (couple of months should work), because most hotels or tourist centers are normally reserved, especially during peak season. Choose a welcoming venue where you can rest after entertaining days full of leisure activities.

Plan some fun activities

Since you are going on holiday, you probably want to relax but also do some stuff you cannot do daily. Swimming, playing games, getting a tan or practicing extreme sports may be only some of the activities you want to try during the vacation. We advise you to focus on outdoor games, because spending time outdoors is a great way to relax. We suggest the Redux Capture the Flag game, which is suitable for people of any age. It basically follows the gameplay of the classic Capture the Flag game that we all played when we were children. However, the Redux game also comes with some glowing props which allow you to play the game when it gets dark. You can make the game more interesting by adding some challenges for the losing team, challenges which should be suitable for the age of the people playing the game.

If you are traveling with a large group, try to mix different activities as not everybody will want to play the same games. Plan an itinerary and try to book anything that needs to be booked in advance, to make sure anyone has something to do and no one will get bored during the trip you planned. So, before choosing a location and booking accommodation, remember to check if you have the possibility to do any activities near the place you are visiting.


While some are huge fans of natural unspoiled places, others are simply in love with urban landscapes. For this reason, organizing everything can get tricky. Try to meet your fellows half way and even if you choose a location near the city, make sure it provides easy access to outdoor spaces and greenery. This way, you manage to fulfill anyone’s expectations and also prevent boredom. In case you think there are not enough things to do inside the facility, you can always plan to take a walk outside and see the beautiful surroundings.