How to involve children in house decorating?

How to involve children in house decorating?

Decorating the house is not only a fun and entertaining activity, but it can also become one that gathers the family around. If you feel like your home needs some improvements or you simply want to change some things here and there, wait no more. Inform the entire family about your plans, explain them your redecoration project and try to allocate tasks to each member. If you have children, rest assured they will be happy to help as long as you allow them to get involved. Generally, kids are very enthusiastic about these things and will feel mature and responsible if you show them consideration. Allow them to decorate their rooms as they wish, but make sure you keep in mind these suggestions:

  1. Use basic materials

If you want children to contribute, you have to start using simple crafting projects and basic materials. Take them with you when you choose the products you are going to use, in order to show them they have a say when it comes to colours, styles and so on. Purchase colourful crepe paper, custom ribbons, duct tape and other useful raw materials you can use for DIY projects. Ribbons, for instance, is extremely versatile and easy to use: you can add it to your cushions and curtains, on a flower arrangement and even on the table setting.


  1. Give kids simple tasks

You are probably aware of the fact that children will not be able to paint the walls or move heavy stuff around the house, but allow them to try. If they want to paint the lower part of a wall, let them do it – it will show them your trust and will empower them in the future. Tell them to perform simple tasks such as carving paper and cardboard, tie and braid ribbons or stick pictures together, to create a nice collage. They will amaze you with their creativity and the results will be great! Kids are more skilful than you think, so do not underestimate their creativity and abilities.


  1. Make sure everything is safe

As much as you try to prevent this, accidents are likely to happen. So avoid using dangerous objects (such as sharp needles and scissors), chemical glues children may put inside their mouths and small items that may swallow. Supervise them during the entire activity and make sure nothing hazardous is threatening their security. Household projects can be fun as long as you take care nothing puts your family in danger.