How to Ease Your Kid’s Allergies

Parents with sensitive children who suffer from allergies know how disturbing these can be and how important it is to ease and treat them. While the treatment is up to the doctors to prescribe, you can do your part and handle the things that are worsening the symptoms. The following tips will help you ease your kid’s allergies and help you make them feel better.

Invest in a good air purifier that removes many air pollutants

Most of the allergens that trigger allergy episodes are found in the air your kid breathes, so purifying the air at home should be a top priority. Considering that allergens travel through the air without you noticing them and without being able to capture them in a net, you will have to resort to the help of an air purifier. This device uses advanced technologies to attract even the smallest air particles and to retain them inside its filter. A good air purifier includes a pre-filter that captures large particles and an HEPA filter that can handle even the smallest dust mites, pet dander, and impurities. An air purifier with a UV light extends its efficiency as it can remove viruses and bacteria in the air.

Mold can also trigger and worsen allergies

A common cause of allergies and especially asthma are the mold spores that appear in rooms with excessive air moisture. These mold spores are microscopic in size and can be found on areas where you detect mold, like walls, floor, furniture, or carpets. You can solve the mold problem using special substances that remove it, but the mold spores issue requires a dehumidifier that will adjust the air humidity to a level that is beneficial for your child to breathe. By lowering the air humidity, you will prevent mold from appearing in your house, thus turning it into a safe place for your allergy sufferer kid.

Remove the allergens from the mattress the kid sleeps on

You probably know the amount of allergens that gather inside the mattress you and your kid sleep on, but maybe you never realized how dangerous they are. Considering how much time your kid spends sleeping on the mattress and inhaling the allergens, it’s very important to purchase a mattress that lets the air breathe inside it and that contains natural and beneficial materials that promote a healthy respiratory system. The organic mattresses made of natural cotton, the natural latex ones, or the innerspring models are the best choices for a child who suffers from allergies.