How to Decorate the Nursery

Once the child appears, everything changes and your entire universe revolves around that tiny human.
For you to be able to provide the child with the perfect environment for him to grow in, you must decorate the nursery for it to be perfect for the small one, and if you read the following lines you will find out exactly how you can decorate the nursery to provide the child with the best environment possible.

Go with neutral colors

Instead of choosing the color for the nursery’s walls and furniture based on the child’s gender, most probably going with pink if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy, it’s better to go with neutral colors that will be more soothing for the eye. Gender-neutral colors like gray, light brown, and cream are the best choice for the nursery, providing the child with a peaceful environment and calming him down instead of agitating him.

Hang interesting art on the walls

You have to hang something on the walls, and the best choice for the nursery are paintings or photos of animals. They will brighten the whole room, they’re a fun decoration, and once the child grows you can use them as learning materials for the small one to get accustomed to how certain animals look.

Devices that are mandatory for the nursery

Every nursery needs certain devices that will provide the baby with a safer environment to grow in, and the most important devices to have in this room are the sound machine and the humidifier.

The sound machine is able to effectively mask background noises that would disturb the child and wake him up, and it’s able to make the small one fall asleep faster as well. Sound machines produce white noise which relaxes the brain. Scientists have studied the effects of white noise on the brain for many years, and it turns out that these sounds can have different results. In a working environment, white noise can increase concentration by blocking background noises. For people who have trouble falling asleep the white noise works by overwhelming the brain with a wide range of frequencies, forcing it to abandon the thoughts that are keeping it from falling asleep. For babies, the effects of white noise on the brain are very strong because babies are used to the noises of the womb and they find complete silence to be very disturbing.

A great sound machine for the nursery is the Graco Sweet Slumber, and it comes at the very affordable price of $30. It comes with a useful timer option that automatically shuts the machine off after operating for 60 minutes, it can play continuously through the night if you choose the option for this setting, you can plug an MP3 player to it, playing new and fun songs to help the baby fall asleep, and it has a useful built-in nightlight that emanates a soft blue glow from the middle section of the unit to the top and the base.

When it comes to humidifiers, it’s important to have one in the nursery to provide the child with the appropriate levels of humidity for the lack of moisture to not affect the child’s health by drying out his mucous membranes or by causing him respiratory distress. The best humidifier to go with for the nursery is the Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist HCM-350, and you can have it for the low price of $80. It’s able to kill up to 99,9% of mold, viruses, bacteria, and fungus, it has a 1.5 gallon tank capacity, it runs up to 24 hours per filling, it’s very quiet while operating, therefore it won’t wake up the child, and it’s able to automatically adjust to the amount of moisture needed to stabilize the humidity in the room due to the Self Regulating Evaporative System.