Home Style: Recycling ideas to style your home

Home Style: Recycling ideas to style your home

Home decorations might be expensive, and finding ones that will please your individual taste might be even more difficult. Most décor items look either quite similar, which might represent a real problem if you aim for an individualized look, or even way beyond your budget. However, with a little effort and imagination, you can create your own style from scrap and have them, all unique and beautiful. Steampunk style is quite on wave right now and if you have some metal object around your house you can either make an extra buck by taking them to companies like talmetal.ca or you can use them to redesign your house. Below are some ideas from the last category enough to fuel your imagination in terms of DIY.

Create your own DIY steampunk lamp

The web is full of tutorials on how to make your own DIY steam punk lamp, without spending a dime. Although it might sound difficult, trust us, it isn’t. You only need a few old pipes, a basic lamp kit and a light bulb. After you proceed to create your lamp’s base using various T’s and pipe parts, you can proceed to insert a longer piece of pipe that will represent the body of your lamp. Through it, insert the lap kit as well. Mount your light bulb as well, and you have made your first DIY lamp. If you are not familiar with electrical processes at all, search the web for instructions and tutorials. Their number and accuracy will amaze you.

Steampunk shelving systems for all book lovers

Add a touch of industrial décor to your library as well. Find a series of pipes in your garage and put them to use by creating beautiful and unique shelving systems. In a wood plank to desired dimensions cut two symmetric holes. Create from old pipes the supports. This is quite easy to do, and at a simple search, Google will provide you with many options. See which one of those you like the best.

Rugged stools for an industrial touch

Yes, you can use old pipe elements to create a stool with a bit of industrial air. Various old pipes will represent the legs. Cut from a wood board a circle at a desired dimension and mount it on the pipes. The process is a lot easier than it sounds and it will create a great effect in your dining area. For more style, paint the wood into chalk grey paint. You can also create the paint by yourself, if you are adventurous enough.

Here are some ways you can use old metal elements to create a unique appearance to your home. DIY projects are fun to make and they give you a lot of satisfaction. Alternatively, use those old pipes to make an extra buck and find a reliable recycling company. They have fair prices and they always have great deals for their clients. A company giving the right price is hard to find therefore, search the market well!