Guide to cleaning windows during the cold season


Not many homeowners dare to wash their windows during winter season, probably because they are afraid of getting frost bitten. On the other hand, in warmer months, this activity actually becomes pleasant and refreshing. However, if you have solid reasons to perform this task during the cold season like preparing the home for an event, a family gathering or you are just feeling ambitious then you should not let fear hold you back. Moreover, people will definitely admire your courage of facing the unfavorable conditions in order to get the job done. The irony in this case is that windows usually become dirtier during winter and necessitate urgent cleaning. If you reside by a noisy, traffic-congested street, things worsen because vehicles splatter all the salt and dirt on the road covering your windows from the outside thus obstructing the view from the inside. If you think about it, cleaning a window when the temperatures are cold is not that bad. Have you ever thought how it will be to repair a broken window during winter?

Tips to consider when washing windows in the winter

The bottom line is that if you want to preserve the condition of your windows for spring and throughout the years, you have to impede the build of grime and dirt. You have to start by gathering the necessary supplies including spray bottle, squeegee, cloth and antifreeze. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you feel warm during the window washing, which means that you need extra layers of clothing, scarf, hat and waterproof gloves. This will protect you from getting frost bitten, which probably represents the worst fear. Check the forecast in order to find out the temperatures expected during the respective day. It may sound strange, but shade will prevent leaving streaks on the windowpanes so even if you would like to complete this task in a sunny day, we recommend you to consider this tip before starting the activity. Another tip is to use cold water. Yes, we are fully aware that you must handle cold water during a very cold day, but hot water could shatter your windows and you will end up in the situation mentioned above, which is repairing your windows in the winter. The explanation is simple: the glass will not resist the extreme temperature change and it will break.

The cleaning process: steps to follow

Now, moving on to the cleaning process, you need to follow several steps. First, you have to mix one part water and two parts antifreeze to create the cleaning solution. If you already have one, just add antifreeze to prevent it from freezing. Do not apply the solution without removing dust or debris on the windowpane. With the squeegee and a cloth or a paper towel, you can wipe the windows properly. You can also use a newspaper, but we have to warn you that it may leave dark drops. This process should not last more than a half an hour. It mostly depends on the number of windows you intend to clean.