Guide to buying craft supplies for children

Guide to buying craft supplies for children

Arts and crafting activities are extremely important for a child’s healthy development. Encouraging your little son or daughter to create things doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she will grow up to become an artist, but it plays an essential role in developing imagination and cognitive skills. Moreover, it’s fun and educative at the same time, so you get the best of both worlds. There are many stores where you can buy creative craft kits containing everything from rubber stamps to card making supplies, but not all of them are kid-friendly. Before making a purchase, you should keep in mind a few tips and tricks.

The store should have supplies that kids love

Crafting is a popular hobby among people of all ages and lately adults have been quite into the handmade trend for the profitable opportunities it offers. Therefore, if you go into a random store with kids, you cannot be 100% sure that they’ll love what they see. To keep your little one interested, purchase crafting supplies from kid-friendly stores that welcome children with many cute and colourful products inspired from popular cartoons and fairy-tales.

Let your child have a say

Crafting may be fun for parents, but your children will be doing most of the work, so they are the ones who should pick their supplies. Of course, you should prevent them from choosing products that could be unsafe, but in terms of shapes and colours, you should encourage them to use their imagination. This way, they are more likely to enjoy the activity, do it again and develop a hobby from an early age.

Buy only non-toxic products

When buying kids’ crafting supplies of any kind, you have to read the label carefully and find out if they are non-toxic. Pay special attention at products liquids such as paint and glue. Children’s skin is very sensitive and if they come in contact with toxic or irritant products, they can develop rashes or even serious health conditions.

Choose age-appropriate crafting kits

Not all crafting products are made equal. Some are easy, while others require a certain age/level of experience. Avoid buying kits that are too basic or too complicated for your child. In the best case, they will feel bored and unmotivated; at worst, they can feel bad about themselves and won’t have fun at all. Remember that crafting should be fun and your child should not feel pressured.

Think about safety

Last, but not least, invest in high quality kits that do not pose a health hazard. If you buy them from a professional store, then they are probably regulated, but remember that it is part of your responsibility as a parent to choose kits that are age appropriate. For example, if you have a small child, you should not buy kits with small parts or products that can induce cuts. Items such as beads and scissors should only be reserved to older children and used under adult supervision.