Gardening tools you should have in your backyard toolbox

Gardening tools you should have in your backyard toolbox

Gardening is one of the healthies outdoor activities and many people consider it the perfect antidote for everyday stress. According to research, gardening can help you fight stress. After putting your hands in the dirt, you will feel better and your stress hormones will be at their lowest peak. Besides being able to get a little bit of exercise, you will have a handful of herbs and vegetables. If you are going to work in the garden, you should have the right gardening tools close by. The right ones will actually help you care for the landscape more easily. So, what items should you have in your toolbox? There is no ideal list of gardening tools, but it is possible to make some suggestions. When you go online at, be on the lookout for the following items:

A good garden spade

Most people believe that the terms “spade” and “shovel” can be used interchangeably, but there is actually a big difference between the two tools. To be more precise, the spade is short-handed, not to mention that it has a flat blade. On the other hand, the shovel has a concave blade which is slightly rounded-up. In terms of the materials used, there is no significant difference, but you should look for stainless steel blades because they do not rust. The distinction lies mainly in the shaft and the blade. The garden spade is better when it comes to edging beds or working soil amendments.

A garden fork

Forks are indispensable tools for gardeners. Gardening forks work well when you need to prepare large patches or divide perennials. However, you should be careful when making a purchase. Gardening forks each have unique advantages which make them solid choices. You will want a digging fork, which has four tines and foot rests. A pitchfork will not be of great use since it will be too weak to handle digging and dividing. Again, a stainless steel fork will make gardening a lot easier. Not only will it be easier to get leverage, but it is great for having to remove stubborn weeds.

A garden shovel

One of the tools that you cannot do without is the shovel. Shovels come in numerous options and they all have different functions. Digging shovels have a curved scoop and upturned edges. They are usually used for digging and planting as well as heavy-duty tasks which require more force to penetrate. It is important to take good care of your garden shovel. More precisely, in time it will be necessary to remove the loose rust and restore the cutting edges of the hoes.

A garden hoe

A serious gardener will need at least one hoe. There are second kinds of hoes, but the choice will largely depend on your garden. If you are planning to remove weeds, then a rectangular blade will do its job fine. If you own a perennial garden, you should consider a more delicate touch, especially if your garden is ripping. The point is that selecting the right tone for your needs can be difficult.