Garden improvements for the upcoming season

Garden improvements for the upcoming season

As soon as the sun is up on the sky and the temperatures go high, everyone will want to spend time outdoors. If you are lucky enough to live in a mansion that has a garden by its side, then probably you will be the host of all the family and friend gatherings during the warm season. Besides being a relevant element when it comes to real estate, the garden is also the place where the magic happens on spring and summer: barbecues, outdoor meals, parties or just lazy afternoons. For this reason, you need to take some time and prepare your yard for receiving its visitors. Here is what you should do:

Install a marquee

Marquees are the best construction you could get in your garden. They provide a welcoming space where you can organise parties or outdoor events, not to mention they are the ideal shelter, if necessary. During the warm season weather is pretty unpredictable, so it would be a pity if you planned a great activity but the rain would ruin it all. So make sure you get professional marquee frame hire and enjoy your new acquisition without fearing weather conditions. Collaborate with a reliable company and you will not have to worry about quality, safety and other concerns popular among house owners. The marquee will be the perfect accessory for your garden and the best place where you and your friends can get away from summer heat.

Prepare the lawn

In order to look neat and welcoming, your garden has to be as green as possible. The key to success for a thriving yard is well maintained grass. For this reason, as soon as summer approaches, you will have to invest some time in getting the thickest and healthy lawn there is. Do not make the mistake to wait until temperatures are high, because it may be too late – the most efficient lawn care techniques start in winter and are implemented during spring. By starting early in the year, you make sure your grass is healthy and resistant to weeds, sun exposure and intense foot traffic. Use fertilizers, aerate the grass and remove the dirt regularly, so that your lawn can grow nice and green.

Design a small living space

During summer, everybody likes to enjoy some fresh air while also staying away for excessive heat. That is why the garden will probably become your family’s favourite living space, so you have to arrange the venue a bit. To begin with, bring out some basic pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, some chairs and a small coffee table. Try to choose some items that are comfortable enough to enable you to spend many hours outside. You can also accessorise a bit, using large vases, flower baskets, cushions and blankets – these will be perfect for chilly evenings spent outside the house. A bit of landscaping could also work, so feel free to use statues, figurines, lamps, pebble and decorative stones, for a genuine wild garden experience.