Fun Gardening Activities for Children

Gardening is a very pleasurable activity that you can enjoy with your child, making it fun for the both of you and getting to bond while you do it.
If you want to find out which are the fun gardening activities for children that you could try with your small one, read the following lines.

Plant a rainbow bed of flowers

A cute gardening project that you could do with your child is to plant a rainbow bed of flowers.
Buy flower seeds in all the colors of the rainbow that are similar in size and appropriate for the season, plant them with the child in a rainbow shape, and let the responsibility of watering the flowers to the child for him to feel proud that he helped the flowers grow and become beautiful.
It’s a fun project that will give your garden a real boost when it comes to the way it looks, and you can proudly say that your child is the one behind the whole process of planting and growing the beautiful rainbow flower bed.

Have an indoor garden with unusual containers

If you live in an apartment and you don’t have a backyard to grow plants in, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it indoors.
There are actual containers that you can buy to grow the indoor plants in that have good drainage systems, but it won’t be as fun for the child as if you would plant them in unusual improvised containers. Therefore, instead of spending money on containers, use old shoes, discarded toys, or a glass jar to grow the plants inside.
To be able to make this a whole year activity, buy led grow lights to provide the plants with enough light for the process of photosynthesis even when winter comes and there isn’t a lot of sun light for the plants to grow. In addition, due to the fact that you are using led grow lights you can grow the plants in any room you want, and the child could even place the funky containers in his room, keeping a close eye on his project.

Prepare meals with the vegetables that the child grew

What would really make your child proud would be for you to help him plant and grow different types of vegetables that you use when you cook. This way, when the vegetables are ready for harvesting you can pick them together and even let the child participate when you cook them to give him even more satisfaction.
By doing this, you won’t only make your child passionate over a fun and rewarding activity, but you will save a lot of money on groceries and eat 100% healthy vegetables as well.