Finding the right engagement ring for her hand

Finding the right engagement ring for her hand

Buying the engagement ring for your girlfriend is not an easy task, because there are multiple aspects that have to be considered. You have to consider her style, the colours she wears on a regularly basis, her clothes, and even her hair colour, because you have to be sure that the jewellery you are choosing will suit her style perfectly. In choosing the ring, an important role is played by the look of her hands, because they are the ones that would wear one of the diamond engagement rings London, and different rings suit different hand types. You might look at her hands only when she changes the colour of her nails, but now is the moment to study them with more attention, for being able to explain to the diamond rings provider its particularities. Here are some tips that would help you pinpoint the perfect ring style for your girlfriend’s hand.

Long fingers

You know your girlfriend for some time, and there are hundreds if not thousands of times when you hold her hands, so you might probably noticed if she has beautiful long fingers. In this case, you will not have any issue when it comes to choosing the right engagement ring, because the majority of them are perfect for your lady. But, if you want to impress her, you should consider a round stone or a princess-cut, because they would definitely flatter her hand. Also, you have the possibility to choose a wide band, because it would complement the length of her fingers. In case she likes to make a statement with the jewelleries she wears, you can buy her a ring, which is designed, in a bold design.

Slender fingers

In case your girlfriend has slender fingers, it is recommended to buy an engagement ring that would not overpower them. Therefore, you should look for a smaller stone because it would make her thin fingers look wider. In addition, you can combine the small stone with a thick band, because it would widen the look of her finger.

Short fingers

If your girlfriend has short fingers, then an engagement ring would be the perfect accessory for her, because it would elongate her finger. When it comes to stone shape, you can choose from marquise, pear or oval, because they would lengthen the appearance of her finger. In case you want to buy her, a rectangular one you have to take care to not choose a model that would overwhelm her fingers. Also, you should opt for a narrow or slender band, because it will create the illusion of length.

Wide fingers

In this situation, you should not consider buying a ring that features a narrow stone, because it would make the fingers even wider than they are. Therefore, you should opt for a marquise, rectangular or oval stone shape. In addition, it is advisable to choose an engagement ring that has a medium to thick band. Keep in mind that she will wear this ring for many years, so you have to carefully choose it.