Finding an insulation provider – aspects to pay attention to

Finding an insulation provider – aspects to pay attention to

When deciding to insulate your house, you have to consider collaborating with a specialised company, because you have to be sure that it would be properly installed. Nowadays there are many contractors on the market, which provide insulation services, but you are the one who has to decide upon the type of insulation you want for your house, and what requirements the contractor should meet. If you do not have experience in this domain, you should pay attention to some aspects, because not all the companies from the market are as reliable as


When you are looking for the companies that insulate homes in your area, you should make a list with the ones that have certification for working in this domain, because you want a team of specialists to handle your project. You have to understand that a properly installed insulation would gain the money you invested back in time, because it will help you avoid other expenses. You should ask the contractor if it is certified by the organisation responsible with these actions in your area.

Insurance coverage

The insulation of a house is a large project, and the contractor will have to send a team at the site. Your house is at risk during the process, and you have to be sure that in case any of the workers damages it, you are covered, and you can repair it, without having to spend money on your own. Also, you have to be sure that the company also provides insurance for the workers, because they might get hurt, and you should not be responsible for them. There are situations, when the homeowner has to pay for the hospitalization and treatment of the workers who are injured when working on their property, because they ignored to ask for the contractors if they have an insurance for the workers.

Consider the materials used

When you contract a company to handle the entire insulation process, you have to pay attention to the materials it uses, because you have to be sure that it would not ask you for a large amount of money, and they would use the cheapest products from the market. You should assist the entire process of insulation, for being sure that the materials used are the ones the contractor stated, and in case you do not have time to stay at the site, you should pass by as often as you can.

Check the references

When you talk with a contractor, you should ask for references, from the homeowners he worked for in the past, because it is important to find one, which managed to successfully end the projects. You have to see if the company is able to respect deadlines, and if the workers have stayed with the project, or they did not meet the homeowners requirements. You should try to contact homeowners who have collaborated with this company, but who are not on the list provided by the contractor, to find objective reviews.