Did you know these interesting facts about Asia?

Did you know these interesting facts about Asia?


Have you considered having a vacation in Asia? In the majority of cases, people only consider this destination, but they do not travel there, because they see this continent as an exotic and distant place, and they are afraid to take this adventure. You should not do the same, because Asia is a place, which is worth to be visited almost once in a lifetime. Join the millions of travelers who have discovered that Asia is the most fascinating continent on Earth, and let the crowd take the famous and expensive Europe, Caribbean and Hawaii destinations. Be brave and travel in Central Asia, because the beauty of this part of the world would amaze you. There you would discover a different place, which beautifully combines a variety of customs, cultures, religions and languages. When coming home you would have hundreds of pictures surprising some breath-taking sights, and memories for a whole life.

Do you know how large is Asia?

Mane people when asked which one is the largest continent on Earth are tempted to say America, but the fact is that Asia is the largest one and it occupies around 30 percent of the planet’s surface. So visiting it is a must on your destinations to go on a lifetime. Being the largest of them all means also, that it is the most populous continent, so do not be amazed to find out that 60 percent of the population of the Earth lives there.

Asia has four of the top destinations of the world

In case you want to check on your list all the destinations from the top of the places to visit, you would have the possibility to do it with a visit to Asia. The only thing you have to do is to make a list with the cities you want to see, and create with the help of your booking agent an itinerary, which allows you to see a great part of Asia. Bangkok is considered the world’s second most visited town, so make sure that you include it on your list. Are you aware what this means? That it beats out Paris and New York!

Asia is the place for adventures

Are you the type who is looking for an adventure every step of the way? Well, in this case Asia is the place for you, because it combines modern cities with wild rainforests. Discover the beautiful rainforests of Papua, Sumatra and Borneo, and admire their wilderness as its still there, because technology and progress are reaching even there, and in a few years, even they would be touched by human influence. What about active volcanoes? Do you want to see one? Well, Asia might be the right place to climb them, because this continent allows you to scuba dive in the morning and take a photo on the top of the volcano in the night. And where you count that in the Asia are the height mountains on Earth, so climbing the Everest should be on your to do list for the next year’s holiday.