Denim Decoded – looking for the perfect pair of men’s jeans

Denim Decoded – looking for the perfect pair of men’s jeans

If you were asked to describe jeans in three words, you might have in mind durable, versatile and comfortable, but the list could continue, because jeans are one of the essential items every men should have in his wardrobe. You can hypothetically wear them every day, without leaving the impression that you have worn the same outfit twice this week. When having a pair of jeans in your wardrobe, you do not need too much time to think about your outfit, because they are a versatile item. Also, you do not have to invest in more than three or four pairs, because they last a long time if you buy quality ones, and opt for a timeless style. But you already know how difficult is to buy a pair of jeans, and you just do not have the mood of spending a couple of hours trying to decide if you should opt for mens biker jeans, or a different style. Here are some things that would help you decode the jeans types.

Know the fits available on the market

When browsing through the pairs of jeans offered by an online store as, you would notice that they are marked with labels like straight, skinny or loose, and you might have no idea what this means. Therefore, the skinny label is considered the latest addition when it comes to jeans fits, and it features a tapered leg opening and a tighter fit. The slim fit is not too loose, not too tight, because they are straight through your hip, have a narrower leg opening and they are slim through your thigh. The loose ones are considered a roomiest fit, because they provide you plenty of space to your legs and thighs. The relaxed fit is not hugging any part of your body, because they are loose from the waist to the leg.

Know the basic rises

You might have no idea on what the rise is, so you should know that it is the measurement from your crotch to the top of your waistband. There are some basic types of rises, as the low crotch, the low rise, mid rise and high rise. The low crotch model features a worn low on your waist, and it features a saggy style on the rear, hips and seat. The low rise pair of jeans are suitable for you if you want a more relaxed appearance. They feature a casual fit and you have to wear them below your belly button. If you are the type of man who likes to tuck your shirts into your pants, then you should opt for a medium rise type of jeans, because they feature a waistband that skims the belly button. The high rise type of jeans are the right choice for the bigger men, and if you opt for them, it is not advisable to tuck your shirt, because they are worn above the belly button and they would not look stylish.