Choose plastic pipes for your plumbing system

Choose plastic pipes for your plumbing system

Pipes are built to carry water and natural gas into your home and there comes a time when you will need to change the residential piping and tubing. Although there was a time when the only materials used for homes were metal, concrete and ceramic, this is not the case anymore. At present, you have the opportunity of choosing plastic pipes for you home. As opposed to modern options, such as copper or galvanized iron, PVC pipes prevent some of the most common plumbing issues. Even though they are bulky looking, they manage to do their job. If you are curios to learn the advantages of plastic pipes, read this article carefully.

Plastic piping systems

The plastic plumbing system was developed during World War II and it was gradually introduced in the year 1930. In the United States, these piping systems grew in popularity in the late 1950s early 1960 and it is needless to say that they made the plumber’s job less complicated. The systems which are in use today include PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is largely considered a product of modern technology. Being a modern product, it is capable of offering high performance.

Advantages offered by plastic pipes

Plastic pipes are so efficient that you will not have to hire a plumbing expert witness to investigate pipe leaks. On the contrary, a PVC plumbing system will successfully replace the one in your home and offer you a number of benefits.

Degradation. Unlike piping systems which are made from metal, PVC ones are not subject to corrosion. The plastic formula is specially adjusted so as to withstand the needs of residential plumbing, so you do not have to worry about substances leaching into your drinking water. Your water will not have a rusty taste, neither will it cause health issues. PVC pipes are nontoxic and they are built to ensure safe water supply and drainage.

Ease of installation. Metal or copper piping is hard to handle, so the plumbing job costs more as well. On the other hand, PVC is lightweight, reason why it will take workers less time to install it. The piping is so significantly less weighty that a single person is able to move it along. Overall, you will save a great deal of money on transport and cost of labor.

Fire resistant. Similar to other organic materials, plastic is self-extinguishing, which means that the ignition source can be immediately withdrawn. Owing to these safe characteristics, this type of piping is definitely one you should consider.

Get the opinion of a professional plumber

Taking into consideration that there are some countless pipe materials to choose from, you should discuss with a highly knowledgeable plumber to help you make the right decision. In addition to helping you choose the right material, he will let you know which building codes and regulations you should respect. While a permit is not necessary when doing replacement work, you will need authorization to run pipes at a new location, such a newly built house.