Can girl’s summer camp help them build a strong self-esteem?

Can girl’s summer camp help them build a strong self-esteem?

In our day’s context, it is particularly hard for girls to develop a strong personality and high levels of self-esteem. Media selling unrealistic female body images and unhealthy sets of values can seriously endanger one’s view on herself. Additionally, social media platforms favour bullying, which also has a negative impact on girl’s psychology. However, certain contexts and activities empower girl to grow into beautiful and emotional secure individuals. For example, summer camps for girls seem to have a great positive impact on them. Competition is one key-element practiced there and the benefits on a girl’s set of values are great. Below are some ways in which sending young girls into summer camps can help them build strong self-esteem.

 Competitiveness creates and empowering feeling

 Traditionally, girls are not encouraged to take part in competitive activities. However, being involved in competitive activities is the reason boys have slightly higher levels of self-esteem than girls do. Summer camps usually provide a set of activities designed for both relaxing purposes, but also for increasing the level of competiveness in both girls and boys. Activities like swimming and paddling help girls develop a different set of values than media does. This set of values is based on increasing endurance, fundamental values like friendship and making great improvements of their practical skills. Because their achievements are recognized, this is helping them have a better image of themselves.

They become accommodated with the normal female body

Media selling an unrealistic image of female body is causing unrealistic expectations from themselves and their bodies. Moreover, young women have a tendency of feeling disappointed by their appearance. This leads in many cases to eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, which need long term therapy and treatments. However, because summer camps are filled with girls of all ages, body types and figures, they become a lot more aware that the images sold on television and social media platforms are far from reality. Learning from a young age that not everybody looks the same and differences are what make them special will have a positive impact on their social development as well as their self-esteem.

Setting goals can help girls raise their standards

Competitive sports are all about being better team the opposing team, internal cohesion and setting realistic goals. Many have a tendency of setting ridiculous goals not only in a game, for example, but also in their daily actions. However, because in summer camps girls learn how to properly evaluate a context, this increases their ability of setting realistic goals. Moreover, by setting goals one can become better at every action they perform, because they have to meet certain standards in order to bring themselves satisfaction and joy. This is one of the many things girls can learn and achieve while in summer camps.

As you can notice, being part in a larger group with similar interests can stimulate and increase a girl’s self-esteem. Cultivating moral and educational values is more important than cultivating one’s image, and that’s what all girls should bear in mind.