Baby Laundry Tips and Tricks

Babies can really be a handful due to the fact that you can’t understand what they want, they cry for no real reason, and they make a mess of their clothes and everything they can find. If you are the parent of a newborn baby you most definitely need guidance when it comes to dealing with the baby’s laundry, therefore you should read the following lines to get some useful and interesting tips and tricks to help you handle the laundry better.

Use the clothes steamer to get the wrinkles and odors out

The baby’s laundry must be odor and wrinkle free for the small one to be comfortable and safe in them, therefore you must invest in a clothes steamer to efficiently remove all the wrinkles out of his clothes, and to leave them smelling fresh and to be free of bacteria and dust mites.

The Epica 800 Watt handheld clothes steamer is a great option to go with for dealing with your baby’s laundry, and it only costs $50. It’s easily portable due to the fact that it’s compact and lightweight, it has an on/off switch for a more convenient control, it provides with 12 minutes of continuous steam, in only 2 minutes the unit will be ready to operate, and it has a 7 ounce capacity water tank. If you want a higher quality, more advanced steamer, go to where you will discover the best clothes steamers of the moment. The reviews presented on that website highlight the pros and cons of all the analyzed steamers, thus helping you choose the most convenient unit.

Don’t hang them to dry, use the dryer

Letting the clothes hang to dry them is a very dangerous option when it comes to the baby’s clothes, because many germs and bacteria might get attached to the small one’s clothes and get in contact with his skin once you dress him up. The best way to dry your baby’s clothes to make sure that the clothes he is wearing are truly clean is the dryer, and one of the best models that you can go with is the Samsung DV457EVGS that you can buy for the price of $1300.

You can control this machine remotely and program it to start operating whenever you want due to its smartphone technology, it has an 8-inch LCD screen, it’s energy efficient, it has 8 specialty cycles, one of which is the Kids Wear cycle that is designed for handling the child’s clothes, 15 normal cycles, and 8 options for you to choose from.

Treat the stains immediately

Accidents can occur when you are away from home with the baby, the small one spilling foods or drinks, or even vomiting on his clothes. Instead of keeping the baby’s clothes dirty until you get back home to wash them, buy a portable stain removal pen to deal with these stains immediately as they appear. You can buy the Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid for $10 and carry this amazing portable stain remover around, ensuring that if any accident occurs you can deal with the stain on the spot. It instantly removes fresh food and drink stains, and it can effectively handle some of the most stubborn stains that come from foods like ketchup, barbecue sauce, and chocolate syrup.