5 Ways in Which a Whole House Water Filter Protects Your Child’s Health

Any household with children in it must have a water filtration system to ensure that the small ones don’t drink contaminated water that is filled with chlorine and bacteria, therefore you have to take some kind of measure.There are many types of water filter to choose from that effectively purify the tap water, but none other compares to the whole house water filters for those who have children and who want to protect the little ones.

In the following lines we will explain exactly why whole house water filters are the choice to go with by presenting you the 5 ways in which this type of filter protects your child’s health.

1. No more contaminants in the water that the child drinks

The most common contaminants that lurk in the tap water are viruses, bacteria, chlorine, and even pharmaceutical residues, all of these contaminants being harmful for all of us, but especially for children. By installing a whole house water filter you ensure that the water that comes out of all the taps in your house has been filtered of these harmful contaminants already, therefore no matter from which tap the child gets a glass of water he will drink pure and contaminant free water. Keep in mind that different water systems can filter different contaminants. Therefore, we advise you to test your water and then visit the www.myhomewaterfilter.com site. There, you will find reviews and comparison charts which will help you choose a filter that is designed for the contaminants found in your tap water.

2. The child will bathe with clean water

Another important aspect of using a whole house water filter to protect your child is the fact that it’s the only type of water filter that ensures the small one is bathing himself with clean water that isn’t filled with chlorine, a contaminant that could cause the appearance of rashes and other irritations of the skin.
From the moment when you install the whole house water filter, the child will wash his face, teeth, hair, and skin with clean water that will never harm the small one.

3. The child will drink water that is filled with minerals

Natural, pure water is healthy for us all due to the fact that it’s filled with essential minerals like Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium, all of which are mandatory for the healthy growth of a child.
They need as many minerals as they can get from everything they eat and drink, and only by ensuring that the small one drinks pure water can you provide the child with these much needed minerals.

4. The foods made with water will be healthy

Aside from the obvious fact that the child will wash his fruits and vegetables with water that isn’t impure, you will get to feed the little one food made with water that is actually beneficial for his health.
Foods like soups for example, which are mandatory in a child’s diet for the improvement of his digestive system will now be free of any type of bacteria because the water that the food was made from is clear of any dangers.

5. The improved taste and smell will make the child drink more water

A big problem with children is that they refuse to drink water, preferring to drink juice.
To be able to convince the small one to drink water when he’s thirsty, you have to give him clean water that is odor free and that tastes good to not repel the child.
Tap water has an unpleasant smell and taste that will definitely repulse the little one, but by using a whole house water filter you eliminate these problems and you make water a more tempting option for the child.