3 things you need to know about car accidents

3 things you need to know about car accidents

In cities like Ottawa, car accidents happen every day and they range from minor fender benders to altering collisions. From a physical, financial and emotional point of view, crashes can be defined as stressful events. Being prepared and knowing what to do ahead of time is the very best things that you can do. If you have never been involved in such an undesirable event before, then you may not be familiar with what you should do or even how to conduct yourself in certain situations. If a car crash has turned your life upside down, then you this is what you should know.

  1. Call a lawyer immediately after the accident

The best place to start after you have been involved in an auto crash is to call an Ottawa car accident lawyer, even if the casualty was your fault or not. Lawyers are familiar with the laws surrounding collisions and taking into consideration that the legal aspects are quite complex, you will need some help. Additionally, there is a lot of paperwork and filings that need to be done properly and these actions should be undertaken by someone who has a good understanding of the law. A lawyer can tell you if you should or if you should not file a lawsuit, not to mention that he can advise you with filing insurance claims.

  1. You can get compensation even if you were at fault

You should not assume that you cannot benefit from getting compensation even if you were at fault. Significant accident benefits are available for drivers who have been seriously injured, no matter who was at fault. In Ottawa, drivers, passengers and pedestrians are entitled to claim for accident benefits if they have been injured. If the collision has left you unable to work, then you are entitled to income replacement benefit. Another benefit that you enjoy is medical and rehabilitation expenses that pay for medical bills, expenses which are not covered by medical insurance. The truth is that only a personal injury lawyer can help you get the most money from your accident benefit claim.

  1. Possible causes and factors contributing to your accident

The truth is that the cause of a casualty may not even be clear to the traffic officer that is present at the scene. Only an injury lawyer together with the appropriate experts can determine if there has been any other cause or contributing factor resulting from the collision. The three most common explanations are improper signage, road maintenance and vehicular malfunction. Even if the collision was technically your fault, it is very possible that the extent of your injuries may be caused by your own car. Under the right circumstances, a claim can be made against the manufacturer.